MoEoStAr Music

Truly Organic on Mojoheadz Records

October 10 saw the release of Truly Organic across all streaming platforms. It is a saxophone dense, smooth house track, a true tribute to all things organic. The track was written in late 2019 and due to the Covid pandemic, finalization took a bit longer than usual. It is the first MoEoStAr track that is…
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Not Alone – Featuring CortNasty

September 18th, 2020 a new Deep House track featuring the beautiful vocal of Cort Nasty is up and streamable from all the popular streaming platforms, including Spotify. Alongside the vocals, the clarinet takes a prominent melodic lead in this track. The clarinet was the first instrument that Mattias a.k.a MoEoStAr learned to play, and his…
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Introducing; The Churning Mondays

September 4th, saw the release of the first track of Norwegian NuJazz outfit, The Churning Mondays. After a long time of preparation, the first track finally did go live. The Churning Mondays is a pure studio project, released on MoEoStAr Music. The group features a mix of ‘real’ instruments and electronic synths and drum machines.…
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“Sheep Way” – by The Churning Mondays

The first track by NuJazz act, The Churning Mondays, will be released on September 4th. The track blends jazz and electronic sounds into a chill and relaxing experience. Stay tuned for an all streams release. Set a¬†comfortable¬† 94 bpm, the track provides a relaxing ambience suitable for the attentive listener as well as part of…
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“Making Friends” featuring CortNasty

July 31st, a second track featuring the amazing vocal of CortNasty will become available on all major streaming platforms. Making Friends, is the second Deep House tracks by independent music producer MoEoStAr, that is featuring the vocal performance of singer/songwriter CortNasty. One instrument is the focus of this track, and it is the cello. Demonstrating…
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“Way Back When” featuring CortNasty

On May 28th, a new track featuring the amazing vocal of CortNasty will become available on all major streaming platforms. Again it is a track that ventures out toward Deep House land. The track is built around CortNasty’s vocals and set at 124 bpm. The lyrics and overall mood of the track, expresses a feeling…
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Acoustic Deep House

The result of a collaboration with Singer-Songwriter, Josef Lynn, is the Deep House remix of his acoustic guitar driven song, Stay Lonely. The original song conveys an emotional and sad story of heartache, loss and loneliness. In early 2020 work started on transferring this into a quicker paced deep house style remix. The original vocals…
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Follow MoEoStAr on Spotify!

Follow MoEoStAr on Spotify, click below! Safety Briefing is widely released on January 17th. This is an energetic track that features a field recording of an actual pre-flight safety briefing. The track is is the first in a series of tracks that moves a bit away from previously released EDM and approaches more of a…
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Cool French House

Follow MoEoStAr on Spotify Do you DEEP House? I guess that you do, you clicked the link, right. That short clip that you saw, was a promo for my latest Deep House Track; Safety Briefing. It will drop January 17. Make sure you follow me on Spotify not to miss it when it drops.

New House Track “La Nouvelle Nuit”

On Friday 23rd of August 2019, a new House Track called “La Nouvelle Nuit” was released on all major streaming platform. Make sure to add it to your playlist! Sign up to the email list to stay tuned!