Behind MoEoStAr Music you find independent electronic music producer Mattias Gillis Winge Rudh. Growing up he was involved in various bands, playing the clarinet, the saxophone and piano. Early work include, playing the clarinet on two Dixieland Jazz tracks, independently recorded and released in the mid 1990s. Early on he was influenced by the 1980s synth scene, like Depeche Mode, New Order and Kraftwerk. Later came influences from acid jazz where artists like Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, and Brand New Heavies where on high rotation in his CD player. The acid jazz influence led to studies in music theory and the inner workings of the free jazz improvisation. Which he still today deems as a very special form of musical expression. And if you listen carefully, you can often hear traces of that in his works.
Mattias started producing music as a teenager in his parent’s house in the1990s, but put it on pause for a while pursuing an engineering degree. For a period in his life, he was merely an active music listener. But in 2016 he again picked up producing music in addition to his career in engineering. He is no longer a performing artist, but focus on writing and music production, working together with various musicians for specific projects.
In 2017 and 2018 his first experimental tracks were independently released on Spotify. Those were very diverse experiments in various electronic directions. Exploring, how the electronic music genre could blend with jazz and rock. The “Propagandism” track is one such experiment using old radio clips from WWII together with a newly jazzy sounding beat.
2018 and 2019 saw the release of several tracks on the Rehegoo Music label, where his songs have been released either as part of collections or as independent releases. His latest release is a Deep House Remix of the acoustic guitar driven “Stay Lonely” song written by Singer Songwriter Josef Lynn. This track was release March 8, 2020.
Mattias is a Swedish national, now living in Asker, Norway with his family.