Josef Lynn – MoEoStAr
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Stay Lonely -Josef Lynn (MoEoStAr Remix)
Josef Lynn is a Singer Songwriter, that writes intimate, emotional and sad songs. When I first heard the original version of Stay Lonely, the voice and the lyrics felt very strong and you could practically hear the pain jumping at you from the loudspeakers. It was a real pleasure to work with this acoustic material and turn it into something completely different. The song is on Spotify.

Recommence Remix Cover
Recommence Remix Cover

Recommence – MoEoStAr Remix
Recommence Remix’ is a collaboration between Pelican Assembly (UK) and Moeostar (NO). The original song was written by singer/songwriter and band leader Gabriella Romano, recorded and released in 2019. 

Pelican Assembly is a Metro Kitsch Jazz band, flirting with traditional jazz, chanson francais, circus feels and latin rhythms; unbound to one particular musical genre.

Electronic music producer Moeostar have transformed the song into an energetic and vibrant house track. Mixing the original as well as newly recorded vocals and instruments, with a house style bass and percussion beat. A signature sample of the acoustic bass, becomes a repetitive rhythmic foundation throughout the track.

Some listeners say, it bears resemblance with In-Grid’s 2002 hit, To Es Foutu.

Revelations and Revolutions Cover

Revelations and Revolutions – MoEoStAr Remix
Revelations and Revolutions is a song by UK rockers, The Supermecados. The Supermecados is a four piece alternative rock band based in Devon.

The original song was released by the Supermecados in the midst of the pandemic. The remix released in the summer of 2021.


Numbers by Kara Square – MoEoStAr Remix

NUMBERS – MoEoStAr Remix
Kara Square is a singer songwriter with a large catalog. She focus on vocal and ukulele driven songs. This remix of her track, places here soft vocal in a new musical landscape. Upbeat and with energy. The remix was released in the beginning of 2022.