MoEoStAr Music

New “Dance with Me” Video

A brand new promotional video of “Dance with Me” has just been released. Take a look and be lured into the groove. The video is available at this link.

Star for a Night

The new track ‘Star for a Night’ is out. It is the second single that is released on the MoEoStAr label in 2019. It is available on all main streaming sites and digital download as of April 26. The track is built around a house type beat, mixed with samples of big band swing and…
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New Release – Dance With Me

A new House track have been released on Spotify. This track includes a clarinette melody theme. Listen here;

Quantum Entaglement on New Nordic Friday and New Nordic Electronic

‘Quantum Entanglement’ just got included on the New Nordic Friday and New Nordic Electronic playlists. The demo song have been on Soundcloud for a while but it was not until this summer that it was released on Spotify. Check out this playlist full of amazing independent talent.

Next Winter Summer on Summer Dancefloor Ibiza World Mix

A brand new track ‘Next Winter Summer’ have been included on the various artists ‘Summer Dance Floor Ibiza World Mix’ album and playlists. This song is a kind of continuation of a demo song ‘Winter Summer’ that was released on Soundcloud a couple of years ago. The playlist is available on Spotify here;

Revelance on Spotify

Revelance is released on all digital streaming platforms. This is the first track that is released with Rehegoo Music. The song have been on Soundcloud for a couple of months. The Soundcloud link; And the Spotify release;

MoEoStAr + Rehegoo Music = True

I am very excited to announce that MoEoStAr have signed an agreement with Rehegoo Music. That means that MoEoStAr’s music will be distributed on dedicated playlists, releases and in-store background music as offered by Rehegoo. More information


MoEoStAr is now available on Musicoin. You can find selected tracks there and more will be added shortly. So what is Musicoin, and why release music there? Musicoin is like Spotify but without Spotify. In addition it is a blockchain currency (like Bitcoin). As a music creator you cannot directly upload your music to Spotify,…
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Prepairing for release

After months of tweaking, mixing, careful listening and re-mixing and re-mixing again, I am starting to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Finally everything is coming together for the “Less than $1000” project. The project will be completed, when the first album( EP if you will) of 5-7 tracks is released. I…
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What #tag is this?

So by now I have released a few tracks on SoundCloud (you can find links to them on this site here). Uploading have been a straightforward affair for most parts. The thing that is challenging me the most, is tags. What tag is most descriptive of a song? I am influenced by many styles of…
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