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Algorythmic Intelligence on Spotify

Algorythmic Intelligence was release for digital distribution on all major streaming platforms on March 13, 2017. Listen to it here:

Winter Summer on #addthismusic

MoEoStAr – Winter Summer ‘Winter Summer’ is a new realease by MoEoStAr. It’s an electronic track that is full of twists and turns and is sure to keep your attention throughout the duration of the song. We are digging it, are you? MoEoStAr – Winter Summer


You are probably all aware of this amazing site, and I am just a slow adaptor. But in case you have not heard about Fiverr , here is my take. On Fiverr you can buy pretty much any digital service that you would like. And the best part, it only cost $5! I was thrilled…
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First tracks on Soundcloud

Finally! After tweaking and adjusting, listening over and over again, I decided that now, let’s just put it out there and see. I have uploaded two versions of the same somg. The first is a”humming” version of the song before I wrote lyrics. Except for that they are almost identical (minor mixing differences). The song is…
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The final step before sharing the song with anyone, is mastering. As with mixing, this is its own profession, where professional mastering engineers apply the final touch that makes the song stick together, consistent and loud.  Yet again I had no budget for this so I had to do it myself. When I started out,…
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My first couple of songs were written, and now it was time for doing some proper mixing. During the composing stage I employed rough mixing, adjusting channel faders etc, but only to help in the song writing. Now it was time for doing a proper mix. I quickly realized that I did not quite get…
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Vocal issues

I wanted my songs to include vocals, but unfortunately I am only a shower singer. Although I have done some singing (choir mostly), I struggle to hold a decent tone, let alone sing good enough to be used in any recording. On a budget, getting external vocal assistance would not work either, and I don’t…
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The right sound

With the DAW in place, it was time to get something to fill it with. I planned to do most of my songs with electronic instruments, so I needed to stock up on these. There are a large number of sample packs available as free downloads on the web, also a few decent synthesizers. I…
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Getting started

So, my goal was set; releasing an album on a budget, spending less than $1000. First step I needed to get the infrastructure in place. I wanted something lightweight and portable, and based my “studio” on a standard windows laptop (I use a few years old Hp 8440p Elitebook, running windows 7). I bought it…
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