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My Haven – New Chill House Track

On February 9th, My Haven was released. It is a chill house and lounge type track with a jazzy twist. Listen to it on Spotify: https://spotify.link/ZH8erY7ZOHb

New direction and EP for MoEoStAr

2023 became a productive year, with several tracks and remixes completed, but no yet released. One project that was completed was a chill-out / lounge project that resulted in an 8 track EP. The EP has been given the name Converseation, as a pun on both conversion and the MoEoStAr’s favorite sneaker brand Converse. Being…
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New Tracks with Andy Touch on Tilt Music

Starting from September 2023, going on to Mach 2024, four new tracks will released on the Tilt Music record label, with the artist Andy Touch. Two of these, Make Things Good Again and Lost In A Subway in Tokyo, are produced by MoEoStAr. Tilt Music Production is part of Tilt Corporate, a record label based…
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Can’t Stop Me

New old school house track coming! “Can’t Stop Me” is the result of a collaboration with UK based singer/songwriter Freya Astrella. “Can’t Stop Me” is an anthem for personal growth, setting boundaries, and cutting ties with toxic people. Stand tall, do what you are here on this planet to do. And never let someone’s negative…
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More Scandihouse

During the summer, two more Scandihouse tracks have been released. Summer Nights (Gärdebylåten) and Summer Rain (Horgalåten). Both tracks are based on traditional Swedish folk songs, that have been remade with new lyrics/melody and laid out in an electronic music landscape. G. Victoria Campbell have written the new melody and lyrics, while Jenny Mollet sings.…
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Scandinavian Folk Songs Reinvented for Today’s Listeners

American songwriter G. Victoria Campbell and Swedish electronic music producer MoEoStAr have collaborated to revive public domain Scandinavian folk songs and have come up with something quite unique and special. The first song to be released by the duo is called Unrequited Love. Unrequited Love takes the Swedish folk song “Visa från Utanmyra” and turns…
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The Churning Mondays

Condemnation, a haunting, new track written by G. Victoria Campbell and The Churning Mondays, is set for release on February 25th. The NuJazz song, inspired in part by the MeToo Movement, features theater veteran Jenny Mollet and hopes to encourage women everywhere to take back their power. Pre-save it on Spotify now. https://ditto.fm/condemnation Press Release…
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Dirty Blonde – Featuring Cort Nasty

A new deep house track called Dirty Blonde, is set for release on February 17th. The track focus on the jazz vocalist Cort Nasty, and a series of acapella improvisations, that led to an energetic, charismatic and attractive track. Pre-save it on Spotify now.

N4MB83RS (Numbers)

A new remix of Kara Square’s track Numbers have been released on January 7th, 2022. The original track written by singer songwriter Kara Square, have been musically stripped and fitted a new dress. The remix is upbeat and energetic and includes a pumping bass and pounding kick. Kara Square shared the song on ccMixter, a…
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During the last couple of months, two older tracks have been re-mastered and re-released digitally. Both ‘Star for a Night’ and ‘Dance with Me’, were released in the course of the latest months of 2021. Both tracks were originally released in 2019. The remastered versions provide an enhanced tonal balance, and are more pleasing to…
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