Scandinavian Folk Songs Reinvented for Today’s Listeners

Scandinavian Folk Songs Reinvented for Today’s Listeners

American songwriter G. Victoria Campbell and Swedish electronic music producer MoEoStAr have collaborated to revive public domain Scandinavian folk songs and have come up with something quite unique and special. The first song to be released by the duo is called Unrequited Love.

Unrequited Love takes the Swedish folk song “Visa från Utanmyra” and turns it on its head while retaining the original theme of the song. With a pulsing bass line, increased tempo and anthemic pop vocal on top of traditional jazz instrumentation, the result is a funky disco house tune that doesn’t quite fit in any one box, but will certainly keep listeners coming back for more. Some have described the track as “Donna Summers meets Kool and the Gang meets Dave Brubeck.”

The track will be released in all digital stores and streaming platforms on Friday, April 8th 2022.

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G. Victoria Campbell writes songs in many genres including folk, pop, electropop, rock, jazz and musical theatre. She’s currently working on her debut solo album as well as the musical, TREESON: An Eco-Musical (www.treesonmusical.com) which has had songs performed in NYC and London’s West End. 

MoEoStAr produces house music, deep house and remixes of artists from other genres. Previous remixes include tracks by alternative rock band The Supermercados, South London’s metro-kitsch jazz band the Pelican Assembly, and reflective Italian songwriter Joseph Lynn. 

For more information, check out G. Victoria Campbell and MoEoStAr on all social media @gvictoriacampbell and @moeostarmusic (www.moeostar.com).

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