You are probably all aware of this amazing site, and I am just a slow adaptor. But in case you have not heard about Fiverr , here is my take. On Fiverr you can buy pretty much any digital service that you would like. And the best part, it only cost $5!

I was thrilled when I found that I could get album artwork for $5! There are many sellers on Fiverr offering this, and for $5 you could issue the same order to several people and choose the one you like the most.

But it is not only limited to graphic work, you could get all sorts of services. I found several musicians / vocalists that offers to sing your song / play and record and send you a wav file. For a little extra they usually offer to sign a commercial release as well. So now I could replace the vocaloid voice on my tracks with a real voice! And still not spend a fortune!

I am still keeping the vocaloid for writing, though.

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