Haunted House

Haunted House

May 14th will see the release of a new MoEoStAr track called “Dear Lilly”. Remember the times that you could travel? This track was written just little of a year ago, when international travel was still possible. On a long trip from Brazil to Norway in early 2020 at first it was something to make the time pass. Thanks to noise cancelling ear plugs, blocking out the aircraft hum and a few hours of undisturbed high altitude inspiration, this track was born. The hook is a haunting child rhyme. There is no meaning to the words, not at least in any language that I can understand.

The track title, comes from a sample that is part of the break, from an old BBC radio theater piece, in which the lead male actor express his love for “Lilly”. You can hear birds singing so this was probably in a garden.

Respect to Ines Iachelini for making here photo of a lilly available under the CC0 license, make sure to check her work out on Pexels.com.

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