Kitch Jazz House

Kitch Jazz House

‘Recommence Remix’ is a collaboration between Pelican Assembly (UK) and Moeostar (NO). The original song was written by singer/songwriter and band leader Gabriella Romano, recorded and released in 2019. 

Pelican Assembly is a Metro Kitsch Jazz band, flirting with traditional jazz, chanson francais, circus feels and latin rhythms; unbound to one particular musical genre.

MoEoStAr transformed the song into an energetic and vibrant house track. Mixing the original as well as newly recorded vocals and instruments, with a house style bass and percussion beat. A signature sample of the acoustic bass, becomes a repetitive rhythmic foundation throughout the track.

Some listeners say, it bears resemblance with In-Grid’s 2002 hit, To Es Foutu.

Follow MoEoStAr on Spotify and get the song on your release radar when it drops, January 29th. A short preview clip is available below.

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