Author: Moeostar

The Sea – New Track Out

The Sea, is a maritime journey, focusing on the sea, the sky, the clouds and the storm. Incorporating passages from Hemingway, and shoreline soundscape, bringing the listener from the club into the vast depth of the ocean. The release contains two versions, an original mix and an longer extended mix. This track is the first…
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MoEoStAr +The Supermecados = New Remix

July 19th will see the release of a new remix. This time it is a collaboration between MoEoStAr and alternative rock band the Supermecados, that has resulted in a remixed version of their song Revelations and Revolutions. The Supermecados is a four piece band, based in the UK, launched in the midst of the pandemic.…
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Haunted House

May 14th will see the release of a new MoEoStAr track called “Dear Lilly”. Remember the times that you could travel? This track was written just little of a year ago, when international travel was still possible. On a long trip from Brazil to Norway in early 2020 at first it was something to make…
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Deep House Driving – New Spotify Playlist

Deep House Driving – New Spotify Playlist This playlist contains a collection of energetic deep house tracks, perfect for listening to while driving alone and you can turn the volume up as loud as you want. Prepare to be swept away, and it will seem your drive is over in no time. Listen here;


Fashionista is a Deep/Progressive House track, featuring vocal artist Roses Sabra. Accompanied by the cello, clarinet and a variety of synths, Fashionista is an energetic and suggestive mix of rhythm and harmonies. It is the second time that miss Roses features on a MoEoStAr track, the first being Patina released in 2020. Release date for…
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Recommence Remix is Live

The Remix of Pelican Assembly’s song Recommence is now live on all streaming platforms. Follow the links below to listen on your favorite platform: The Spotify link is here: And there is a video on youtube here: Song Info Sheet

Kitch Jazz House

‘Recommence Remix’ is a collaboration between Pelican Assembly (UK) and Moeostar (NO). The original song was written by singer/songwriter and band leader Gabriella Romano, recorded and released in 2019.  Pelican Assembly is a Metro Kitsch Jazz band, flirting with traditional jazz, chanson francais, circus feels and latin rhythms; unbound to one particular musical genre. MoEoStAr…
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Banjo Folk House

Yep, that is all right folks, the next MoEoStAr release -Patina -features the banjo. A sample of clawhammer style banjo played by Forrest Oliphant and alluring chants by vocal artist Roses Sabra invites the listener into to a untraditional, traditional groove. Make sure to follow MoEoStAr on Spotify to get this track in your release…
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Truly Organic on Mojoheadz Records

October 10 saw the release of Truly Organic across all streaming platforms. It is a saxophone dense, smooth house track, a true tribute to all things organic. The track was written in late 2019 and due to the Covid pandemic, finalization took a bit longer than usual. It is the first MoEoStAr track that is…
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Not Alone – Featuring CortNasty

September 18th, 2020 a new Deep House track featuring the beautiful vocal of Cort Nasty is up and streamable from all the popular streaming platforms, including Spotify. Alongside the vocals, the clarinet takes a prominent melodic lead in this track. The clarinet was the first instrument that Mattias a.k.a MoEoStAr learned to play, and his…
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