Star for a Night

Star for a Night

The new track ‘Star for a Night’ is out. It is the second single that is released on the MoEoStAr label in 2019. It is available on all main streaming sites and digital download as of April 26.

The track is built around a house type beat, mixed with samples of big band swing and old time radio. All samples are from audio clips that are openly available under the CC0 type license. The main vocal clip comes from a US radio show that was very popular in the 1950s. In that show, ordinary people were invited to perform, act and sing, for a large audience. Hence the name ‘Star for a Night’.

The album cover is a ‘visual remix’ of a black and white photo on Pexels. The original photo is taken by Genaro Servin and also licensed as CC0.

The track was produced in its entirety on a Win 7 HP  8840p laptop, with 4GB RAM,  running Cokos Reaper and the Native Komplete suit.

Click here to listen on Spotify

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