MoEoStAr is now available on Musicoin. You can find selected tracks there and more will be added shortly.

So what is Musicoin, and why release music there? Musicoin is like Spotify but without Spotify. In addition it is a blockchain currency (like Bitcoin).

As a music creator you cannot directly upload your music to Spotify, but have to go through a distributor/aggregator, that of course takes a fee. With Musicoin you directly upload music and get instantly paid in Musicoins when someone is playing your music.

It has the promise of removing the ‘middle man’ in music distribution. Will it work and be a large scale competitor with Spotify etc? I do not know, but the idea is well founded and in my opinion worth the support.

As a treat I have released a new version of ‘Dark Beach’ only on Musicoin. This is different compared to the demo already on SoundCloud and will be included in the upcoming EP.

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