MoEoStAr Music


My first couple of songs were written, and now it was time for doing some proper mixing. During the composing stage I employed rough mixing, adjusting channel faders etc, but only to help in the song writing. Now it was time for doing a proper mix. I quickly realized that I did not quite get…
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Vocal issues

I wanted my songs to include vocals, but unfortunately I am only a shower singer. Although I have done some singing (choir mostly), I struggle to hold a decent tone, let alone sing good enough to be used in any recording. On a budget, getting external vocal assistance would not work either, and I don’t…
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The right sound

With the DAW in place, it was time to get something to fill it with. I planned to do most of my songs with electronic instruments, so I needed to stock up on these. There are a large number of sample packs available as free downloads on the web, also a few decent synthesizers. I…
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Getting started

So, my goal was set; releasing an album on a budget, spending less than $1000. First step I needed to get the infrastructure in place. I wanted something lightweight and portable, and based my “studio” on a standard windows laptop (I use a few years old Hp 8440p Elitebook, running windows 7). I bought it…
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