About MoEoStAr Music

MoEoStAr Music is an independent record company, focusing on EDM, House, Deep House and general electronic music.

Behind the name MoEoStAr you will find Mattias Gillis Winge Rudh. Swedish national living in Norway. Mattias grew up playing the clarinet in a marching band, later he progressed to studying music theory, choir singing, learning additional instruments and participated in musicals shows and several small and large bands.

He didn’t choose to have music as his profession, but kept it close to his heart as an daily and ever supporting hobby. In the late 1990s he started to produce music, back when household DAWs were but a dream for him. And none of those creations made it out into the world. Fast forward to the present and he has again taken up music production with a simple focus; “It is not about the gear, but about the ear“. He is determined to keep his production “studio” light and portable so that he can take it with him wherever he goes. If you can’t make music with a laptop and earbuds than a million dollar studio wont help.

Since 2017 he has regularly been producing and publishing music through MoEoStAr Music.