Behind MoEoStAr you find independent producer Mattias Gillis Winge Rudh. Growing up he was involved in various bands, playing the clarinette and saxophone. He studied music theory and started producing in the 1990s, but gave it up for a while pursuing an engineering degree. For a period in his life, he was merely an active music listener. In 2016 he again picked up producing music as a hobby. Influenced by everything from electronic music to classical music, he blends styles and is not afraid through in some jazzy chords in a techno track.

In 2017 and 2018 his first experimental tracks were released on Spotify. Those were very diverse basically experimenting in various directions. In the later part of 2018 he has been working on a NuJazz type project, set off by his ‘Propagandism’ track. The plan is to release a NuJazz EP.

He lives in Asker, Norway.