With the DAW in place, it was time to get something to fill it with. I planned to do most of my songs with electronic instruments, so I needed to stock up on these. There are a large number of sample packs available as free downloads on the web, also a few decent synthesizers. I downloaded a few (oatmeal, synth1, tunefish) and played around with them. They do work quite nicely for synth lead or bass, but I also wanted some more naturally sounding instruments. Here I decided it was time for the next investment. I spent $399 (yes I got a discount!) on the Komplete package from Native. That is a great package deal and you get more than you can handle in one go ( I still havn’t got a full overview). I got the DVD install and it comes in something like 10 DVDs. Over 100 GB of sound, samples and various instruments.
My budget so far
Reaper: $60
Komplete: $399

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