So by now I have released a few tracks on SoundCloud (you can find links to them on this site here). Uploading have been a straightforward affair for most parts. The thing that is challenging me the most, is tags. What tag is most descriptive of a song? I am influenced by many styles of music and the result can be difficult to categorize. Is it #House or #ElectroFunk or even #EDM with jazzy influences? Should I add a lot of tags and be totally of genre to some or just add a few, or come up with entire new ones? SoundCloud uses tags to suggest new tracks after you have listened to a song, album or playlist, so if you want to increase the possibility that a potential fan interested in similar type of music would listen to your song, it is important to get the tags right. So what did I do? Well I added the most obvious tags then added a few more, and changed it, changed it again and the changed it some more. Good thing is, you can edit tags as many times as you wish. Also asking for other peoples opinion is good. So do you agree with the tags I’ve used?

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